Dormont Gas Hoses

Watts Brands is a competitive leader in the manufacturing and distribution of foodservice solutions. Dormont is a brand that is owned by Watts, and they have an equal level of respect in this industry. Dormont invents and manufactures high-caliber stainless steel gas connectors that are used by foodservice operators across the nation. Dormont has been in business for more than 70 years, and in that time, they have accrued a vast volume of industry knowledge that helps them maintain their position as a leading company in the foodservice industry.

Dormont gas hoses has a proven record of more than 160 million safe installations worldwide, meaning you can trust the name. They are clearly setting the standard in commercial gas safety. One of their more popular product lines, FloPro™-MD, has been growing in popularity in recent years. The FloPro™-MD is a portable 3-in-1 gas flow meter that allows technicians to easily diagnose gas flow and gas pressure issues. This innovative product streamlines the start-up and commission process for gas burning equipment, making it a valuable tool for foodservice providers everywhere.

Dormont also helps foodservice operators improve the safety conditions within their facilities with their SmartSense® valves. The SmartSense® valve is designed to protect against life-threatening situations by detecting ruptured gas lines and alerting users quickly, before a disaster happens. This is achieved using two primary components, a plunger that limits gas flow and a thermal sensing ring that automatically shuts gas flow off when necessary.

The Dormont brand is a proud producer of thousands of different gas hoses and gas hose accessories. From gas pressure regulators to steam connectors and valves, Dormont has foodservice gas solutions for every occasion. As a member of the Watts family, Dormont focuses on growth, commercial excellence, operational excellence and performance to provide the best services possible. Turn to The Kitchen Spot to connect you with a foodservice supplies expert who will help you find the most effective gas-related supplies.