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Temperature Measurement and Environment Solutions

Cooper-Atkins is a longtime technology leader serving the food service and food processing markets. Established in 1885, Cooper-Atkins has a comprehensive offering of temperature management products and monitoring solutions. These are essential for spot inspection and fixed location uses, including restaurants, supermarkets and other facilities where food is handled, prepared and stored.

This added expertise extends–Emerson’s global capabilities in monitoring food service facilities throughout the entire supply chain. In today’s rapidly changing world, we continue to expand our technological capabilities to support and protect brand integrity by providing the right tools that ensure consistent food quality and safety.


The inventor of the first bi-metal oven thermometer, David G. Cooper, founded The Cooper Oven Thermometer Company in 1885.

During the 1960s, the company developed three cooking product lines and with the acquisition of The Croydon Thermometer Company expanded into weather instrumentation.

Two separate marketing groups were established for the consumer and industrial markets to advance these new product lines.

In 1984, the industrial division of Electromedics (Electro-Therm) was purchased, immediately launching Cooper into the digital thermometer business. The company officially became Cooper Instrument Corporation strengthening its presence in the HVAC/R, OEM and industrial markets.

In 2001, after acquiring Atkins Technical (a leader in thermocouple instrument technology), the company became known as Cooper-Atkins Corporation.

In 2003 the corporation acquired KTG, Inc., a developer of wireless enterprise solutions for temperature monitoring and food safety.

In 2018, Cooper-Atkins was acquired by Emerson to expand their Cold Chain offerings and temperature management solutions across its foodservice, food processing, healthcare, and industrial businesses.

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