Do not be surprised when you see Pitco Frialators home to commercial kitchens from coast to coast. With roots dating back to 1918, deep frying is truly an art and passion for the company.

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Boasting several “Best in Class” awards from Foodservice Equipment & Supplies magazine, Pitco is one of several award-winning brands (like MagiKitch’n, Anets and more) under The Middleby Corporation. Known as the world’s most reliable fryer company, Pitco’s thoughtfully designed equipment makes it easier for customers to serve up the best in fried foods.

Pitco’s Integrated Oil Management System helps you reduce costs while producing better-tasting foods. Designed to reduce oil use, extend oil life and improve food quality, the Integrated Oil Management System works seamlessly with the company’s line of ROV (reduced oil volume) fryers. The unique design of these fryers eliminates the cold zone found in a standard fryers and because ROV fryers feature automatic filtration and oil top off, you’ll find that your oil is replenished faster than it can deteriorate, leading to a longer oil life. Plus, the SmartOIL Sensor eliminates the guesswork of when to change your oil by giving you accurate oil quality measurements. The Integrated Oil Management System also includes the company’s Infinity Touch™ 7” Touchscreen Controller that features an intuitive user interface and a USB port for data transfers.

For those who want extra peace of mind, check out the 10-year warranty offered on Pitco’s stainless steel tanks found on its Solstice Gas Fryers. Pitco’s fry tanks are completely pressure blasted for both cleaning purposes and for relieving stress at weld points, resulting in smoother surfaces for easier cleaning. And since Pitco leverages a 1-¼” full port drain valve, you’ll be able to drain more quickly without the risk of clogging.