With the right indoor or outdoor furniture, your bar or restaurant can create an ambient environment that makes your customers want to stay as long as possible. Grosfillex is a leading supplier of furniture and seating solutions. Grosfillex has a wide offering of resin products that are designed for commercial use.

Grosfillex offers a variety of innovative chairs and barstools in their product portfolio. If you are looking for seating solutions for an outdoor dining area, they have durable armchairs, side chairs and barstools. To maximize convenience, a majority of their outdoor chairs are made to be stackable. Every style of chair they offer is available in several different colors and patterns, letting you customize the look of your exterior seating area. They’re even designed commercial outdoor planters to help you add greenery to your patio space. If you need indoor seating, Grosfillex has high-quality indoor tables and chairs, some that can even be used in both spaces.

Whether you need complete tables or table top and base combinations, Grosfillex has both interior and exterior table options for you. With popular outdoor table patterns including their Havana and Sunset lines, they have style solutions for all foodservice operators. All of their tables can be matched with their various seating options and patio umbrellas to create a comfortable dining setup. Their tables are made using various materials, including teak, wicker, metal and more. They are sturdy and well designed so you can rest easy that they’ll last in harsh outdoor weather conditions.

All of Grosfillex’s products come with warranties ranging from one to five years, allowing you to confidently purchase them without concern. They prioritize customer service and are always available to help you with any questions. The Kitchen Spot will put you in touch with someone that can guide you through the process of purchasing Grosfillex furniture.