NU-VU Baking Equipment

NU-VU is a leading manufacturer in the commercial baking space. They offer a wide range of commercial baking equipment for foodservice operators in chain restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience stores alike. With their robust line of equipment, including proofers, baking ovens, as well as smokers, you’re likely to find the baking tool that’s right for your busy operation.

NU-VU ovens are made with patented V-Air® technology, which speeds up the baking time. This system distributes heat effectively from the top to the bottom, as well as from the sides, front and back. This eliminates the need for rotating pans, providing a consistent bake, labor efficiencies, and energy savings.

NU-VU is known for their innovation in their X5 model, which is a proofer and baker combination. With its patented technology, this oven offers proofing, baking and steam capabilities in one. With its 32 programmable touchscreen controls, and 8 stage baking features, the NU-VU X5 oven will not let you down. It’s designed with a patented moisture evacuation system which keeps the end product consistent, and as intended. This unit is also energy efficient with electric components that reach the desired baking temperature within 15 minutes. Save space in your restaurant, and labor time with this must-have unit.

This unique foodservice brand also provides a variety of convection ovens, proofers, bread ovens, smokers and knock down racks. Their SMOKE6 smoker is also designed with the V-Air technology, which provides an even heat and smoke distribution. It also has humidity control, keeping products moist while smoking. With five racks, a maximum meat capacity of 150 pounds, and baking temperatures of up to 350°F, this product will not let you down.

NU-VU has the baking solutions you need for your busy foodservice establishment. The Kitchen Spot connects you with expert design and dealers to help equip you with the commercial equipment that’s right for you.