Victory Refrigeration

Victory Refrigeration is a Stalwart brand in the storage refrigeration industry. Their products and services are known for their performance and reliability. Their selection of products is versatile, featuring a range of industry-leading options that foodservice operators around the world confidently rely on. They manufacture and distribute commercial refrigeration appliances that are unparalleled in durability, performance and innovation.

Victory Commercial Refrigerators

Victory® offers a wide range of commercial refrigerators from reach-in refrigerators that come in standard, extra-wide, and shallow size models. The pass-thru refrigerator, another popular model amongst restaurateurs is offered in standard and extra-wide and offers such features like electronic control with Touchpoint interface, as well as stainless steel exterior and interior construction.

Victory Commercial Freezers

Keeping items cold means the difference between lost costs, and profit if food can’t be kept cold. Victory® offers a range of freezer types from reach-in freezers, to pass-thru, and roll-in roll-thru freezers capable of maintaining product temperature -10ºF.

Victory Blast Chillers

If you need to quickly lower the temperature of food, a blast freezer will do the trick. Victory blast chillers feature automatic thawing modes, touch displays, and solid warranties to back up their quality built products.

Victory Warming Cabinets

If refrigeration isn’t what you are in the market for, Victory also has a prime selection of warming cabinets. Their warming cabinets are available in many styles and have useful features available, such as full electronic controls, incandescent lights, and humidity control vents.