For more than 60 years, Bunn-O-Matic (BUNN) has been an industry leader of dispensed beverage equipment. Today BUNN is a global partner that you can count on for reliable equipment and superior customer support. Boasting a comprehensive dispense beverage equipment catalog, BUNN’s portfolio includes a home brewer collection, super automatic espresso machines, coffee bean grinding systems, dispensers for hot and cold beverages alike, and much more. And because the majority of BUNN’s equipment is assembled at facilities in the USA, products are strictly monitored to meet the company’s high safety and quality standards.

BUNN’s iconic coffee brewers are found in many foodservice operations worldwide, and now BUNN has taken the product a step further with the company’s new Infusion Series®. Featuring advanced brewing technology, with the Infusion Series you can precisely and consistently brew to specific flavor profiles while also reducing training and labor costs. This innovative brewer also includes Soft Heat, a docking server system with technology that thermostatically controls and automatically shuts off heat in the docking system once the preset temperature is reached; that means no more traditional warmer plates that continuously heat your brew. The flavor of your coffee is enhanced due to the new brew basket design and Peak Extraction™ spray head, which delivers water in pulse sequences to come into full, even contact with all the grounds. The SplashGard® in the brew basket also directs the hot brew water and warm coffee grounds away from the operator’s hands, protecting you and your staff from harmful burns. Featured in both coffee, tea, and coffee/tea combinations, the Infusion Series is the new standard in reliable brew technology.