Imperial Brown Refrigeration

Imperial Manufacturing was founded in 1970 to serve the commercial refrigeration industry with insulated panels that were used to manufacture walk-in coolers and freezers. In 2012, Imperial Manufacturing acquired W.A. Brown & Son, birthing Imperial Brown. They have since continued to be a leading manufacturer and distributor of custom cooling equipment. Their robust product lineup includes refrigerators, freezers, and a range of useful accessories. If you have unique refrigeration needs, why not have a unit custom built to serve your specific working conditions? Imperial Brown Refrigeration will create a system that fits your exact specifications, meaning you won’t have to compromise on your end goals.

Imperial Brown constructs commercial refrigeration solutions for businesses in every sector of the foodservice industry, including restaurants, retail stores, commercial kitchens, fisheries, and more. They also provide temperature management solutions for biotechnology, medical and construction industries. With their products being used in so many unique ways, you can trust in their quality and durability.

Walk-in temperature control units allow storage of large volumes of food, while ensuring optimal food safety and product longevity. Imperial Brown also manufactures resilient cold storage doors that will fit most openings and are perfect for sealing off temperature controlled storage areas in your foodservice facility. These doors are available in several styles: swing, single sliding, bi-part sliding, high lift, and full lift, meaning they offer a temperature sealing solution for every door in your commercial facility.

Imperial Brown is a noteworthy brand that believes in integrity, morality, and quality innovations. They back their products with comprehensive warranties that allow consumers to choose their refrigeration solutions with confidence that they are built to last. Finding a desirable walk-in temperature storage unit provider can be difficult, but The Kitchen Spot will connect you with someone who will make the process far easier.