Microwaves from Sharp Electronics Corporation come from a long line of unique, one-of-a kind electronic products and solutions. Intuitively designed and featured in a range of power levels from light to heavy duty use, Sharp is committed to bringing you value and design with unbeatable quality. Designed for use as part of a cabinet ensemble or perfect as a countertop companion, Sharp microwaves look great and work well no matter where you put them.

Sharp microwaves often fall into one of three classes: light, medium or heavy duty. To understand which microwave is best for your needs, first consider what you intend to cook and how often you will be cooking at a time. By sizing a microwave appropriate to your commercial operation, you will reduce the risk of burnout while also saving a few bucks by not indulging in a unit that more than covers your needs. Smaller kitchens may benefit from a light-duty microwave that typically features a range of 900 – 1100 watts, perfect for microwaving less than 50 items per day. Value options like a spin dial save costs to provide maximum value and durability.

Sharp’s generous interior capacity makes it simple to fit larger items with ease. The company also leverages stainless steel in the interior and on the exterior doors, as well as specially-designed latch handles built to withstand the rigors of today’s commercial kitchens. Larger operations may also benefit from Sharps computerized touch controls, making it easy to create programmable memories for one-touch, perfectly-cooked food each and every time. Plus with features like 3-Stage Programming to defrost food at one level and cook at another, your kitchen will be operating more efficiently than ever.