Chef-Master has one goal — to offer their customers ‘Everything for the Grill™.’ With their aim to make commercial grilling effortless, they offer a robust and diverse offering of products that lend to achieving this goal. Over the years, Chef Master has become recognized as a trusted provider of BBQ, fireplace and outdoor living accessories. They are dedicated to equipping their customers with innovative and high-quality products that provide excellent value.

The exciting range of products offered by Chef-Master isn’t limited to Bar-B-Q equipment either. Chef-Master has an impressive selection of foodservice accessories like whipped cream dispensers, lava rocks, heat lamps, marinade injectors, and even ceramic briquettes for gas grills. They are also widely renowned for their commercial restaurant cookware and supplies, ranging from signature portable butane stoves to knife sharpeners, meat tenderizers, salad dryers, and much more. All of these products are tough, durable and ready for commercial use.

Beyond cooking supplies, they offer useful general accessories that restaurants and other food service businesses can use to improve their service environment. Do you have a message that needs to be conveyed to your customers? Chef-Master has solutions for you. They offer signage options like chalk boards, host stands and customizable signs that come with rain-proof markers so you won’t have to worry about your verbiage being washed away.

Chef-Master helps you take good care of your customers! They even supply foodservice businesses with outdoor tools, such as heavy-duty smoking receptacles and patio heaters.

If you’ve invested in pieces of heavy duty Bar-B-Q equipment for your restaurant, make the best of them by equipping yourself with Chef-Master products. Local experts can help you find the right Bar-B-Q, fireplace and outdoor living accessories for your business. Get in touch with a foodservice supply expert that will point you in the right direction.