John Boos & Co.

John Boos & Co. continues to be a premier manufacturer of equipment for the foodservice and food retail industries. John Boos was established in 1887 crafting butcher blocks, however, beginning in the mid 1960’s, John Boos & Co. made its first stainless steel table and quickly expanded its stainless steel fabricated table business to accommodate changing market requirements. The company’s stainless steel business continues to grow and now includes an entire range of stainless steel products including custom fabrication. The company combines the art of stainless steel fabrication & woodworking to create a blend of commercial quality mobile carts, baker’s stations, and work tables that have hand crafted butcher block tops and professional stainless steel bases. John Boos & Co. continues to be the only company in the USA having both stainless steel and wood manufacturing facilities on location and is well recognized for quality products.

John Boos & Co. provides a wide variety of quality stainless steel equipment within the foodservice industry and other various markets. Our goal is to provide customers the custom equipment needed for their projects. From chef’s counters to drink stations, John Boos has the capability to fabricate and craft concessions equipment to serve entire sporting arenas. Our dedication in keeping up with the highest demands and newest technology has allowed us to continue our growth in providing new product for customer needs. Here are a few industries that trust John Boos with providing quality, custom steel equipment and butcher blocks: Restaurant Chains, Sports Stadiums, Supermarkets, Casinos, Culinary Institutes, Convention Centers, Airports, Hotels, Health Care & many more!