Bakers Pride Cooking Solutions

With over 70 years of experience providing high-end commercial cooking equipment for foodservice operators, Bakers Pride is a brand you can trust. They manufacture a variety of pizza ovens, commercial ranges, charbroilers, convection ovens, salamanders, countertop cooking equipment and more. Bakers Pride was founded in New York in the 1940’s, and are known for their invention of the commercial pizza oven. Since, they’ve developed their reputation for building commercial cooking solutions for foodservice operators.

Whether you’re a high-producing pizza shop, a local bakery, or a multi-unit chain concept, Bakers Pride is the partner you need. Let’s dive into their world-known commercial deck ovens. These ovens are known for their continued consistent, precise cooking. The popular EB series models are designed with U-shaped heating elements placed on the top and bottom inside the oven, which creates a consistent pizza bake. With an 8” deck height, they’re known for fitting into any kitchen, without taking up too much space. If you’re looking for an even more high-volume bake, look no further than the GS Superdeck Series models, featuring 60,000 BTUH burners per deck.

Bakers Pride is also known for their variety of gas and electric commercial convection ovens. Like their deck pizza ovens, these machines are built for long life-spans, and a consistent bake, every time. The GDCO Cyclone series models come in both single and double-stackable models, in both gas and electric. The interesting feature on this series includes their fully insulated, synchronized doors with cool-touch handles. With a two-speed fan with 900 RPM low settings, you can ensure a consistent bake every time. Their BPCV Restaurant Series models offer the similar features of the GDCO, but feature a stainless-steel exterior, porcelain interior and a four second ignition system.

For continued restaurant cooking solutions, get connected with a local restaurant supply store and design expert to help equip your space. Bakers Pride is the commercial cooking partner you need, and The Kitchen Spot’s dealer partners can find the model for you.