Crown Steam Group

Crown Steam Group has been providing innovative commercial steam equipment solutions for foodservice operators since 1980. The company was founded by Joe Stritzl, who left Bardeau to incorporate his ideas into steam cooking equipment. Now, Crown offers a robust line of both gas and electric steam cooking solutions. Crown also manufactures the Market Forge brand products. Let’s dive into what this robust brand has to offer.

When it comes to heavy duty steamers, Crown has you covered. Let’s break down one of their popular models – the DCX direct steam two compartment convection steamer. This product is made of strong stainless steel, and with audible cooking cycle signals, making it easy to manage. Crown also offers countertop steamers for those who have more simplified steam needs. The Crown EPX-5 comes standard with a 304 stainless steel exterior, a strong lock and seal mechanism with a spring release door, cooking and ready indicator lights, and 60 minute timers with an end of cycle alarm.

Crown also offers a robust line of commercial kettles. The Cucimix electric braining pan and mixer combo is a popular unit that provides fully automated cooking. Known for is labor saving reputation, these units also increase food consistency by offering controlled stirring. Recipes can even be transferred to the unit through a USB, adding a technological touch. You can’t go wrong with Crown’s robust line of commercial kettles.

Via Market Forge, Crown Steam Group has also manufactured a line of convection ovens, braising pans, sterilizers and more. When it comes to heavy cooking equipment for your restaurant or institution, you may need to partner with a design and build specialist. The Kitchen Spot connects you with local restaurant supply stores and design experts to help you outfit your establishment with the right supplies and equipment. Get started today!