Your kitchen is the cornerstone of your business; show your customers and employees you care by equipping it with the best possible tools. Garland is a leader in commercial cooking equipment manufacturing and distribution. They have well-crafted creations that are designed to optimize workflow in your kitchen. Garland has been in the foodservice industry for more than 140 years and it shows. Their products are passionately made to provide their customers with maximum satisfaction.

Garland provides top-quality restaurant equipment, ranging from gas and electric ranges to heavy duty counter units. The ranges that Garland manufactures come in two styles, the restaurant range and heavy-duty ranges. The G-Series Restaurant Range was expertly engineered to optimize performance in your kitchen. These machines are highly durable and have fantastic value. They have a massive cooking surface that sits at 27” deep and they have 33,000 BTU Starfire Pro Burners that offer precise power and heat control. Beneath the range lies the Garland Chef Oven, which offers a fully porcelain interior, ribbed door and hearth. This oven is equipped with a 38,000 BTU cast iron burner that distributes heat quickly and evenly throughout the cooking area. The value-added features on this machine are great too, with protected pilot lights, split grates, split crumb trays, and two-piece burners for easy cleaning. They provide plenty of attachments, including griddles, hot tops, and broilers.

If you are looking for full range cooking solutions, Garland offers both Island Suites and Modular Island Suites. These configurations are the ultimate collection of Garland cooking equipment, built to your specifications. You can pick and choose the design for your island, allowing you to create a high-volume cooking solution for your foodservice facility. Design your space with cook tops, refrigerated bases, fryers, food wells and ovens for your ideal kitchen. Options are limitless with Garland. Let The Kitchen Spot connect you with a kitchen appliance expert who can help you obtain the best Garland equipment.