Oak Street Furniture

A stylish and well-planned front of the house layout can improve customer satisfaction, which can keep customers returning to your restaurant, bar, bakery, or other foodservice business. Oak Street Furniture is a trusted commercial brand that manufactures and distributes high quality furniture for restaurants and bars across the U.S. and Canada. They have three warehousing locations throughout North America. Oak Street promises quality products and on-time delivery.

Oak Street Manufacturing has every type of commercial foodservice furniture option imaginable in their extremely diverse product portfolio. They have a number of beautiful wood options, including chairs, tables, and booths. The chairs are available in different styles, including high chairs, stackable chairs, and bar stools. Stackable chairs offer greater convenience when cleaning up at the end of the night. They are also easier to store, because once stacked they take up significantly less space. If wood isn’t the right style for your facility, they offer metal framed furniture as well. Metal swivel barstools can be rotated back and forth, giving your customers the comfort and support they need to sit for longer periods. Some seating options also have wooden backs matched with metal bases and vice versa.Their commercial bar stools and table tops are incredibly popular.

If you are operating a restaurant, a sturdy table base is incredibly important, because they support the tables where your customers will set their food. Oak Street has many different table bases available. They have steel options that can be connected to any of their variety of table tops. These table selections can be matched with all of their dining chair options to create a comfortable and visually appealing environment for customers to kick back and relax.

The combinations of items you choose from Oak Street Furniture will define your bar or restaurant for years to come; go with The Kitchen Spot for connections with local experts who can help you pick the right restaurant furniture.