Berner Air Curtains

When the door is open –  Berner Air Curtains.

Since 1956, Berner International has been designing, engineering and manufacturing air curtains in New Castle, Pennsylvania.

A leader in air curtain industry, Berner has a rich history of quality, innovative, good looking, effective air curtains, and excellent customer service.

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Berner started with air curtains for cold storage, and then expanded to include air curtains for industrial doors, service doors, main entrances, drive-thru windows, and walk-in coolers.

Whether it is to keep flying insects out, meet health code, save energy or keep the interior temperatures stable and comfortable for indoor occupants, each installation has a job to do, and Berner makes sure every air curtain produced is up to the task.

For the kitchen back door, Berner has air curtains EPH Listed per NSF 37. To ensure the air curtains perform as Berner says they do, Berner has AMCA certified published performance data for most of their ambient air curtains and several of their heated models. Berner UL tests their air curtains for electrical safety and is a UL Listed panel shop.

Berner air curtains ship fully assembled and are simple to install, operate and maintain.

Berner’s mission is simple – to save energy while creating healthy, comfortable environments.

A customer-centric and people first company, Berner is known for excellent customer service, innovation, aesthetics, quality, and performance.

Berner Air Curtain Kitchen Door
Berner Air Curtain Above Walk-in Refrigerator Walkin
Berner Air Curtain Snowy Draft
Berner Air Curtains in Upscale Restaurant
Berner Air Curtain for Industrial Building
Berner Air Curtain Above Take Out Window

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Berner Air Curtains and Restaurants

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AMCA (Air Movement & Control Association) Certified Products

EPH Listed per NSF 37

UL listed panel shop