T&S Brass and Bronze Works

Highly acclaimed in the industry T&S Bronze Works, Inc. produces well-built, long-lasting and reliable plumbing fittings for over 70 years. Founded in 1947, the company is responsible for key innovations such as the pre-rinse unit and foot pedal valve. Headquartered in South Carolina and boasting distribution facilities in California and China, T&S sells its products across the globe in countries such as the Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Japan and many more.

T&S is committed to providing high quality solutions to foodservice operators. Before packaging, the company air- and water-tests every single product and exceeds national standards by as much as 3 to 6 times the requirement. Because the production line includes 5 different inspection stations, rest assured that every product is inspected versus a competitor’s random sampling. T&S was also one of the first commercial plumbing manufacturers to achieve the most stringed certification, the ISO 9001:2015.

Sustainability remains at the forefront for T&S, and it should for you as well. Only around 1% of the world’s total water supply is fresh, and as our population grows the need to conserve water becomes more critical. Low-flow pre-rinse spray valves from T&S offer up to .65 GPM while also saving you up to 100,000 gallons per year. You can also maximize your water savings by using T&S aerators to restrict water usage to between .35 and 2.2 GPM; not only will you drastically reduce your consumption, but it won’t compromise the power of your water flow either. Finally, one of the easiest ways to become more sustainable in the back of house and front is to leverage electronic faucets wherever possible. Smart faucets only turn on when being used and flow at a predetermined low-flow rate. Perfect for hand sinks, bar sinks, restrooms and more, T&S Brass will help you achieve your sustainability goals!