Bally Walk-In Coolers

Bally Refrigerated Boxes, Inc. got their start over 90 years ago, and since opening their doors, they have become leaders in the commercial refrigeration and freezer manufacturing industry.

Some of their earliest products were “ice boxes”, which were blocks of ice that customers would use to keep products cool. Times have changed significantly, but Bally still has a reputation for producing well-engineered and innovative commercial equipment.

Bally is a pioneer in the refrigeration industry. They were the first to receive FM Class I and UL listings thanks to their non-ozone depleting urethane insulation panels that reduce ozone damage by 90%. The foam in this insulation uses a low-pressure expanding agent that allows the material to maintain its thickness while still performing well at extreme temperatures ranging from -90 degrees to 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bally Walk-In Coolers Energy Efficiency

Bally walk-in coolers help their customers limit operating costs by offering peak energy efficiency. When the doors open, Speed-Lok joining mechanisms keep the commercial walk-in’s energy-efficient by containing cold air, keeping the warm air out.

Bally & Walk-In Refrigeration Technology

They designed their walk-in refrigeration units and freezers with customers’ needs in mind. Doing so ensures that the restaurant equipment will last longer than most, which is why they’ve developed technology like advanced pressure relief ports and tighter joints.

Although Bally specializes in walk-in coolers and freezers, they also have an extensive variety of other refrigeration related products. As an example, their Adapt-A-Door line allows foodservice operators to replace any worn-out or poorly fit doors in their walk-in cooler or refrigerated warehouses. These easy to install doors are insulated using the same high-efficiency urethane foam as their other products, so they will seal tightly for years.

Bally Refrigeration’s Mission

Bally is a leader in commercial refrigeration manufacturing and is trusted by many in the foodservice industry. The solutions they provide can help keep you focused less on the tools you use, and more on your busy restaurant.

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