Traulsen Refrigeration

Traulsen Refrigeration is a noteworthy manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment for use in the foodservice industry. Their engineers are incredibly innovative and their products show it. You can trust Traulsen to provide you with top-of-the-line products at a manageable cost. Traulsen understands the immense importance of food temperature control, therefore they ensure that all of their products are built to last. This saves foodservice operators like you from the hassle of frequently servicing or repairing their commercial cooling equipment.

Having started as a manufacturer of bakery appliances back in 1938, Traulsen has been producing foodservice equipment for generations. During World War II, they made their first world-renowned innovation by leading the way in the production of refrigerated boxes that allowed soldiers to preserve their food in situations where they didn’t have access to electricity. After the war, they went back to the commercial refrigeration business with new knowledge and values. Their enhanced standards for design and manufacturing were simple: build the toughest, highest quality products in the industry.

Most foodservice operations can benefit from a high-quality refrigerator or freezer. Regardless of what style of commercial refrigeration you are looking for, Traulsen has a solution for you. Their G-Series refrigerators and freezers offer extremely high performing options and premium value-added features. The G-Series product line can be customized to suit your business needs, with options like easy to clean coils and gaskets, load-sure guards, digital microprocessor control with LED temperature displays, and stainless-steel breaker caps that keep door frames intact for years to come. They offer many additional styles of refrigerators and freezers as well.

You may be interested in some of Traulsen’s specialty products. Their line of dual temps combine hot holding and cooling into one unique appliance, saving you valuable space in your facility. If you need extra deep or extra wide refrigerators, they have those available too. No matter the style or specification of refrigeration equipment you need, The Kitchen Spot can put you in touch with a foodservice supply expert who will help you find a solution that is right for you.