Winning “Best In Class” for conveyor ovens, Lincoln Foodservice prides itself on consistency that you can count on. The company’s diverse line of conveyor ovens are designed to serve the needs of your unique business. With Lincoln Foodservice, you can trust in the reliability of your equipment being able to rise to the rigors of a fast-paced commercial kitchen.

For premier continuous cooking all day long, look to the Impinger I (1400). Designed with the latest advancement in air impingement technology, the Lincoln Impinger ovens feature a 32” wide conveyor belt and a 40” baking chamber. The Impinger I is available in either electric or gas, and has the ability to be stacked two ovens high for maximum cooking capacity.

For high volume commercial kitchens, consider the Lincoln 3200 Series of conveyor ovens. Made to stack up to 3 ovens high, you can easily increase your production capacity and flexibility by cooking multiple items at once. Each oven can replace up to three full-size deck ovens, making the most of the limited space in your kitchen. With Lincoln you’ll also get FastBakeAdvance™ Technology which guarantees shorter bake times at 5-7% better over the original FastBake—with no loss in quality or increased noise!

For kitchens that require a smaller footprint, be sure to check out the Lincoln Countertop Impinger (CTI). The small footprint of the CTI, means it is small enough to fit on most commercial countertops and can be placed nearly anywhere you need it. And now with the new Digital CTI, your equipment will be equipped with state-of-the-art positive detent digital controls. With a large digital temperature display and four pre-set menu options, cooking quickly and consistently is easier than ever. And now the new Digital CTI V2500 Series is UL Category KNLZ for ventless installations, helping save you time and money while giving you added flexibility on installation location.