“Accuracy First.” That is the motto of Taylor Precision Products’ founder, George Taylor, who started the company back in 1851. Being in business for nearly 150 years means you know a thing or two about quality and precision. From developing thermometers to altimeters used in fighter planes, Taylor’s ability to create durable, accurate products is built on a legacy of technical expertise. Committed to providing the best solution to your unique needs, Taylor boasts a diverse product line with ever-expanding choices in specialized temperature and weight measurement instruments for the ultimate in food safety, enhanced productivity and convenience.

The scale is one of the unsung heroes of a commercial kitchen. Not only do mechanical and digital scales help you achieve more consistent results, but these small powerhouses can also translate into some serious savings for you. Consider portion control. Adding too much to a plate here and there, or dividing your dinner roll dough unevenly may not seem like a lot at once, but those little extras certainly add up over time. Taylor’s diverse selection of mechanical and digital scales, from receiving scales, to portion control scales and more, will help you achieve quick results.

Accurate temperatures is of the utmost importance when it comes to food preparation. Local regulations require that food be kept out of the “danger zone,” which defines a temperature range of 40° F and 140° F; in this range, bacteria is most susceptible to growing. Many health inspectors require the reporting of regular temperature readings to prevent the possibility of a food-borne illness and to keep customers safe. From food safety considerations to simply meeting diner’s preferences, a high quality commercial thermometer from Taylor will always help you achieve your goals.