American Metalcraft

Del Mar Collection

What started as a company producing hubcaps, and soon thereafter pizza pans and custom stainless steel plate covers, American Metalcraft has now become a worldwide industry leader in pizza supplies, bar supplies, tabletop and buffet supplies and much more. Founded in the late 1940s by the late Archer Kahn, American Metalcraft counts on more than 75 years of service with no signs of slowing down. Importing and producing more than 3,000 products, American Metalcraft prides itself on providing trend-focused, unique products for the ultimate in customer service and satisfaction.

As the first company to produce deep-dish Chicago-Style pizza pans, the company continues its legacy in providing an array of pizza-making supplies perfect for any commercial operation. From square pans, to self-stacking pans, screens and disks, CAR pans, pie pans and much more, baking the right pie is made easier with American Metalcraft. But cooking is just part of the equation, and with the company’s wide array of serving platters, stands, peels and more, American Metalcraft consistently stays close to its roots by keeping you fully equipped.

Recognizing the need for unique and creative plating and serving accessories, American Metalcraft expanded its catalog to include hundreds of new products each year. Featuring fashionable and functional items that can withstand the rigors of commercial kitchens, the company’s whimsical products help foodservice operations differentiate themselves from the competition. You will love the variety of cruets, condiment racks, baskets, pails, and salt and pepper shakers that can truly “shake up” the look and feel of your dining room!

From Bamboo to cast iron, ceramic to melamine (which can look so realistic you may mistake it for stone, china or even wood) American Metalcraft’s diverse selection of products will take your establishment to the next level of customer satisfaction.