Parts Town

When your foodservice equipment breaks down, you need to find replacement parts before you can carry out repairs. Parts can be acquired from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or from generic, non-OEM parts producers. OEM parts are produced by the same company that made the equipment you use in your facilities. By choosing OEM, you get safe, reliable, and efficient products that are often backed by reputable brands.

This means that the parts are approved by the manufacturer, and are always on-brand, ensuring that your restaurant equipment is safe and running at top performance levels. When a machine breaks down, there is no time to wait around for a commercial replacement part. With connections to local restaurant supply stores – many who have local stock of the OEM parts you need – you can rest assured that your equipment will be back up and running quickly.

Parts Town began their company in 1987, providing restaurant equipment parts to the community. They have an immense inventory of parts, meaning they can quickly supply restaurant dealers with the parts they need without having to source them from another facility.

Parts Town has since become one of the world’s leading OEM replacement parts distributors. They prioritize safety, which is why OEM replacement parts are their niche. They operate with integrity and strive to innovate whenever possible. Parts Town offers a wide selection of OEM replacement parts by leading brands including Vulcan, Southbend, Pitco, True, and many more.

The Kitchen Spot connects you with restaurant supply experts that can help you identify the part you need. When your commercial equipment fails, it’s important to work with a dealer that you can trust, that will find the right part, and ship it quickly. That’s why our experts partner with Parts Town for quick OEM replacement part solutions.