Champion – The Dishwashing Machine Specialists

Champion Industries prides themselves in being “The Dishwashing Machine Specialist”. They focus on providing innovative solutions for foodservice operators that pertain to commercial dishwashing. They boast over 130 years of product development which has brought them to being a leader in the commercial dishwashing space. They offer a variety of machine categories, including undercounter dishwashers, flight machines, rack conveyors, accumulators, disposal machines, and much more.

Let’s dive into Champion’s popular commercial dishwashing models. They’ve designed undercounter units that are small enough to fit in tight spaces, and energy efficient. These high temperature ENERGY STAR® certified models operate without much noise. One popular model, the UH130B, offers a multitude of features to provide energy savings and machine efficiencies. The STEMSURE™ feature makes the units washing period begin soft, which protects chipping during the clean cycle. The Wash Refresh™ feature adds an automatic water draining practice, setting the tool up well for the next cycle.

Champion also offers popular, high-temp hood-type dishwashers for restaurants. The DH6000 Series comes with auto start features, a high temp final rinse cycle, a sleep mode for machine idling, and an operator touch screen for easy use. If you’re looking for a larger, heavy-duty unit for your establishment, Champion offers commercial flight machines, circular conveyors, bi-line conveyor systems, and pot, pan and rack washers. Their circular conveyors are perfect for high-volume establishments, and a fully configurable and designed for your needs. They come standard with an automatic tank filling system, splash protection, door safety switches, and much more.

When it comes to food safety, and maintaining a clean environment in your restaurant, you want to ensure you have the commercial equipment you can trust. Champion Industries is known for their full-service, eco-friendly, high-quality dishwashing solutions. Get connected with a local restaurant supply store or design expert to get the process started of outfitting your establishment with a new dishwasher.