Anchor Hocking

Since 1905, Anchor Hocking has been designing and manufacturing commercial glassware, bakeware, and serveware solutions for foodservice operators. Founded in Lancaster, Ohio, they began their organization with the mission to develop a precise option for preparing, presenting and preserving food. They serve those with a passion for dining, and continue to bring their company traditions to kitchen accessories.

Anchor Hocking offers a large variety of glassware options for restaurants, bars, and institutions alike. They offer varieties from timeless styles to recent trends. Their classic New Orleans line of glassware is popular among a multitude of foodservice operators, featuring tempered glass with a strong pattern. For a trendier line, consider their Reality series. This line features a curved appeal, offering a classic feel with a beautiful look. This rounded look also adds durability, eliminating contact at the rim.

Anchor Hocking offers a variety of glassware that are stackable, providing space saving capabilities. Unlike many stackable glasses, the seam disappears with liquid in the glass. You’ll typically find that their glasses are fully tempered, providing a stronger, longer-lasting glass option for your bar or dining room. If you’re looking for glassware to cover your large variety of cocktails or everyday beverage, Anchor Hocking has you covered.

Beer continues to be on trend in restaurants, bars, and breweries alike. Anchor Hocking offers a variety of different taster glasses that fit in acacia wood serving paddles. Adding taster options to your menu can add additional up-selling, at a minimal cost. They also offer a variety of bottles and pitchers for water and other beverage services, as well as oil and vinegar bottles, votives, glass jars and much more.

If you’re looking to add class and style to your busy restaurant or bar, look no further than Anchor Hocking glassware. The Kitchen Spot connects you with experts in the glassware space who can help outfit your establishment with the trends you need.