Southbend (a division of the Middleby Corporation) has been leading the way for over 100 years in the commercial cooking segment of the foodservice industry. In 2005, they were recognized with the “Best in Class” award from Foodservice Equipment and Supplies. Their equipment is known for its reliability and focus on innovation and energy savings. Southbend’s equipment is built to support the high intensity environment in today’s commercial kitchens. Their offering includes everything from ranges, convection ovens, broilers, griddles, and steamers to even fryers. Each category remains focused on enhancing the user experience and providing quality, long-lasting equipment. Southbend can cover every day products all the way to a highly customized experience. They are able to offer tools to support Southbend dealers to configure and drawing up your dream kitchen. Their ranges are known for consistency and durability as well as customizable configurations to fit any kitchen requirement.

Southbend offers multiple levels of ranges to suit your needs as well. The Ultimate, S-Series and electric ranges have the features to fit different applications. The Ultimate series is made in the USA with all stainless steel construction. It also offers higher BTU’s and a high efficiency snap action thermostat to offer the flexibility and efficiency you need. The S-Series offers quality and versatility as well with many configuration options. Southbend’s drive to develop a more consistent quality of baking within a convection oven results in continual technology advancements. Southbend’s countertop products are also extremely versatile and heavy duty to fit customer’s needs. The performance and variety they offer will cover a wide range of cooking and menu requirements. With heavy duty parts and components, these open tops, broilers and griddles will keep your kitchen running smoothly. Southbend’s commitment to quality is clear, and will make a difference in your kitchen.