Structural Concepts Food Display

Established in 1972, Structural Concepts is a top-rated temperature-controlled food display case manufacturer. They produce display cases of an exceptional quality and each one is ready for use by foodservice operators like you. A food display case could make your products more attractive, improving sales efficiency. What’s stopping you from getting a quality display case for your convenience store, supermarket, restaurant, or other foodservice provider?

Structural Concepts aims to always innovate with their unique line of products. They claim to have unprecedented expertise in self-contained refrigeration and this decree is backed by their award-winning products. Structural Concepts refuses to be complacent, by consistently researching the market to find new ways they can service the foodservice industry. This research helps them create innovative merchandising solutions that are reliable, energy efficient, and cost effective.

There are many styles of display cases available in Structural Concepts’ product portfolio. Grab & Go cases are open front display cases that allow your customers to quickly access food items. Grab & Go cases come in a wide variety of styles, including free-standing models, islands, end caps and under-counter units. Their deli and prep display cases allow you to showcase fresh foods, stimulating impulse sales. These cases are available in service or self-serve formats of refrigerated, heated, combination and prep style commercial models. Bakeries can benefit from display cases too, and Structural Concepts has a diverse lineup of options available for them. Their bakery line includes both refrigerated and non-refrigerated options for countertop and floor seated display cases.

All of their cases are compliant with air pollutant regulations like CARB often before the regulation’s typical implementation date! Structural Concepts is committed to safety and environmental transparency. The Kitchen Spot connects you with local restaurant supply stores and design experts to outfit your foodservice establishment with a new commercial refrigerated display table.