Perfect Fry Company

Ever wondered how your favorite fast food chains cook their fried foods to perfection? It’s very possible that you’ve experienced the dedication of a Perfect Fryer fry! The Perfect Fry Company launched its innovative technology in 1986, providing leading frying solutions to the foodservice industry. Selling over 10,000 of these incredible units since their company launched, it’s clear that their units make a difference and provide value to foodservice operators.

Perfect Fry fryers come with a list of benefits for your restaurants. With ventless, odorless cooking, easy maintenance, and low operating costs, these fryers are known companions for busy establishments. The PFA model is their most popular model, providing all the known benefits. With their rapid fry mode, and presets, you can eliminate the frying guesswork, ensuring your product is consistent every time. Talk about consistency, these fryers also have cook time sensitivity, which automatically continues frying when there are temperature drops. These fryers also come in a compact design, being known to have the most successful product output with its low footprint.

The PFC fryer is a semi-automatic commercial unit that have self-venting, odorless, safety first features. With the patented HEPA-style air filters, the large grease particulate is removed, and active carbon removes smells. Fire safety is important to the Perfect Fry Company, which is why units are designed with fire suppression systems with automatic and manual controls. Hood systems can be pricey, so if you want to add fried foods to your menu without the hood, consider a PFC Perfect Fry fryer.

With the Perfect Fry Company’s mission being “Total Customer Satisfaction”, you can rest assured knowing you’ve upgraded to an incredible commercial fryer. Plus, commercial fried food equipment is what they specialize in, ensuring they’re adding innovation year by year. The Kitchen Spot connects you with restaurant supply and design experts ready to help you purchase your next Perfect Fry fryer.