Ice-O-Matic Ice Machines


When it comes to commercial ice machine solutions, Ice-O-Matic is a brand you can trust. For over 50 years, they’ve been a leader in ice technologies, manufacturing a wide variety of cubers, flakers, storage dins, water dispensers, and even water filtration. They introduced the AgION™ Antimicrobial Compound in a variety of their ice machines, paving the way for food safety in ice production. They also design their ice machines and commercial equipment with the environment in mind, ensuring their product has a low environmental impact.

Ice-O-Matic’s company mission is to “provide you with the simplest, most reliable and easy-to-use commercial ice machines.” Their Elevation series of cube ice machine are very popular. Their innovative design makes cleaning, servicing and operating the machine simple. They’re also extremely energy-efficient. If you’re looking for the popular chewable ice, Ice-O-Matic has the solution you’re looking for. The GEM Series Peal Ice® Machines produce this type of popular ice, which is known for increasing profits in your beverage program. Talk about innovation!

If you’re looking for an undercounter ice machine that fits your unique needs, look no further. Ice-O-Matic offers undercounter units that are compact enough to fit in small spaces, without compromising quality. They’re also innovators in the ice/water dispensing space. With a large line of intelligent features, you can choose a commercial dispenser that fits your unique needs.

Food safety is consistently an important topic in any foodservice business. With clean ice being at the forefront of Ice-O-Matic’s ice machine designs, you can assure you’re offering your customers the safest product. For the freshest ice in your restaurant, while maintaining a low carbon footprint, look no further than Ice-O-Matic. Get connected with local restaurant supply stores and design experts to help you outfit your commercial foodservice establishment with a new ice machine today.