Dedicated for more than a century to supporting commercial foodservice operations, Hobart was established in 1897 in Troy, Ohio. Consistently seeking new, innovative solutions for the front and back of house, Hobart is also dedicated to developing new sustainable equipment and technologies. Featuring 100% recyclable stainless steel construction, Hobart has also worked with its vendors to redesign, reuse and eliminate excess packaging internally wherever possible.

The vast majority of Hobart’s full line of commercial dishwashers are ENERGY STAR® certified, leveraging the most state-of-the-art technology in the industry. Hobart’s exclusive rinse technology, Opti-Rinse™  transfers heat more efficiently and reduces water consumption dramatically. For the ultimate in sustainability, see the Hobart Advansys dishwashers. These specific models of dishwashers help reduce energy, water, labor and chemical costs. Recognized by Kitchen Innovation Awards, the Hobart Advansys machines help reduce the total long-term cost of your dishwasher.

Boasting an expansive catalog of dishwashers from conveyor, to undercounter, glasswashers, door-type and flight type of dishwashers, Hobart’s advancements in dishwashing technology will help reduce your energy costs and amp loads. For medium and high-volume operations that need to speed up dish cleaning with greater efficiency, look to Hobart’s CLeN conveyor type of dishwasher. Featuring intuitive controls and intelligent delime notification, you’ll know exactly when and how to service your machine. The CLeN system includes both OPti-RinSe™ and Advansys to save your operation time and money. With Automatic Soil Removal (ASR) the machine actively pumps food soil from the wash tank to keep your wash water cleaner. This translates to fewer tank fills per day and saving you upwards of $522 per year on water, energy and chemicals.

For the standard in reliable, durable equipment for your commercial kitchen, shop the innovative solutions from Hobart.