Tomlinson Industries

Tomlinson Industries was founded in 1911 as a manufacturer of faucets and fittings for beverage dispensers in the foodservice industry. Since, they have expanded their product portfolio into manufacturing OEM components, serveware, warming equipment, dispensers, cutting boards, and much more. Their products are popular across the industry, and are widely recognized by those in the hotel, supermarket, institution, and restaurant space.

Known for their beverage dispenser spigots and fittings, they offer a wide variety of No-Drip® replacement parts. They have models available for coffee, tea, water, alcohol, and other beverage dispensing products. These spigots are made to fit on most popular dispensers in the foodservice industry. If you’re looking for high-quality dispensing parts, Tomlinson offers the line of Pro-Flo™ products, which are stainless steel water dispensing tools. Within this line you can also find parts for bubblers, self-contained cartridges, and fountain glass fillers.

If you’re looking for top-notch soup kettles for your busy restaurant, Tomlinson has you covered. These kettles are ideal for customer facing or back of house operations. They have sizes ranging from 8 to 12 quarts, as well as a double food warmer when operators need to merchandise multiple soups at once.

If you’re looking for cast iron serveware and cooking tools, consider their options. From skillets and griddles to fry pans and wood underliners, Tomlinson has the cast iron tool for you. They are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and are known to serve sizzling foods in style. These products are known for their heat retention, with a maximum cast iron temperature allowance at 1700ºF.

Tomlinson’s extensive line of cutting boards are color coded for your food safety needs. The Richlite® heat-resistant surfaces work great as pizza peels and food servers, as well as alongside your heavy cooking equipment. If you’re looking for solutions for your restaurant, bar, institution, or hotel – Tomlinson is a great partner. The Kitchen Spot connects you with design and dealer experts to equip your space with the commercial equipment and supplies you need.