Amerikooler Walk-In Coolers and Freezers

Beginning their journey in 1985, Amerikooler is a provider of high-end commercial walk-in coolers and freezers to foodservice operators. They boast their innovative insulation construction, competing to be the best in class. With this high-quality insulation, their systems are known for energy efficiency, meaning you spend less on expensive energy costs. Amerikooler manufactures their machines in a 200,000 sqft facility in Miami, Florida and promises a two-week ship time, making them one of the fastest producers of walk-in coolers in the industry.

Let’s break down their most popular products, the innovative walk-in cooler and freezer. Their walk-ins are designed with AK-XPS4 extruded polystyrene insulation. This product is very dense, and prevents the foam from absorbing water. It maintains a consistent R-value which increases the walk-in’s lifespan. The walk-in panels are made with high-quality materials, and are designed with structural ICC-ES listed adhesives. Amerikoolers walk-in units feature LED light fixtures, airtight joints, spring assisted hinges, and a simple assembly process. Plus, they’re made with all-recyclable materials, making them competitive in the eco-friendly space.

Another innovative product is their Casper Sanice Cooler. Every CASPR unit provides an up to 99.96% kill rate on surfaces. This commercial refrigeration add-on acts as your food safety partner by eliminating microbial substances in the air and surfaces, and eliminating odor. With its special UV light and photo catalyst target, it ensures your cold food stays fresh, keeping the health inspector happy. The purification system is also chemical free, meaning no additional contaminants on your food. These systems are easy to install and are perfect for restaurants, grocery stores, cafeterias, and even large distribution centers.

Amerikooler also has custom-built convenience store coolers. These are designed with custom glass doors, whether you’re needing a cooler for soft drinks, or walk-in for customers. The Kitchen Spot connects you with local restaurant design and dealers who can help equip you with a new walk-in refrigerator or freezer for your unique needs. Get connected today!