When it comes to consumers – great fried foods do not disappoint. Frymaster is a leading provider of high temperature commercial fryer solutions. Their units are known for being safe and easy to clean, offering a high quality fryer option for any foodservice operator wanting to add fried foods to the menu. Frymaster also offers pasta cookers, and food holding and merchandising equipment.

Founded in 1935 by P.F. Ratcliff, Frymaster is known to have built the first commercial fryer. Their innovative practices assisted them in growing to become an industry leader in infrared and fully controlled fried food practices. They even were the first to launch computer controlled frying machines! Offering technology that fits for multiple types of foodservice operators is important to Frymaster’s principles. Their goal is to provide innovative frying technology to maximize restaurants profits – from multi-unit establishments to fine dining.

Frymaster offers a full line of commercial fryers, from fryers that conserve oil, to high efficiency fryers. Their ESG35T is known for its innovative in exceeding ENERGY STAR® standards. It provides a very low cost of ownership for a commercial fryer, and has a multitude of easy to use controls and features. Frymaster’s OCF30 oil-conserving fryer uses 40% less oil, frying 66% more food per one gallon of oil. It’s Smart4U® controlled adds ease in the operation of the machine, walking the user through each step of the frying process.

If you’re looking for a pasta cooker for your restaurant, look no further than a Frymaster unit. Their 8C and 8SMS electric cooker units are built with electronic controls that operators can program, ensuring a perfect pasta every time. If you need a gas equipped model, check out their GPCRB and GPC models for your establishment.

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