Louis Tellier

For Louis Tellier, cooking is an artform. Heavily influenced and inspired by French culinary tradition and gastronomy, Louis Tellier manufactures kitchen tools favored by top chefs and catering professionals worldwide. Their products are hand operated and well known for robust construction, clever design, and high-capacity output. Their three factories in France manufacture products that exceed expectations for performance and sanitation. Additionally, Louis Tellier’s distribution partnership with other globally known companies such as Silkomart and Triangle, allows them to offer a huge selection of other top quality foodservice tools, equipment, and accessories.

Food Mills

Louis Tellier’s flagship product is their commercial food mill that prompted a revolution in professional kitchens when it was invented by Louis Tellier himself in 1947. A precursor to the modern blender and food processor, the commercial food mill was designed to mash or sieve fruits and vegetables. It transformed French cooking by allowing chefs to produce smooth and consistent purees, potages, coulis, and compotes both quickly and easily.


Louis Tellier is perhaps best known for the original Bron Coucke mandoline slicer. With its all-stainless-steel construction and multiple adjustable blades, this classic hand powered cutter is used to slice, grate, julienne, scallop, dice, make waffle cuts, chips, and more. It can be used for vegetables, cheese, or meats. Tellier offers a full line of mandoline slicers from their top-of-the-line “Super Professional” model to their convenient “Compact Pro.” Their Japanese style mandolines have also become enormously popular. Made of ABS plastic with interchangeable steel blades, these handy tools are lightweight, convenient, and used for everything from sushi prep to garnish applications.

Other Food Prep

Louis Tellier is the undisputed leader in the field of high-end manual kitchen equipment. Diving deeper into their catalog one finds cutters, slicers, corers, wedgers, peelers, zesters, graters, pitters, hullers, spiral cutters, and carving utensils for prepping nearly any type of food item into nearly any shape or consistency imaginable. Additionally, they offer can openers, kitchen dispensers, pasta makers, raclettes, and a variety of useful kitchen tools such as spatulas and culinary tweezers.


For the bakery, their Gobel line of pastry sheets, patisserie molds, and tart rings are prized by professional pastry chefs everywhere.  Gobel metal molds were first fabricated in 1887 and are still made in Tellier’s Joules-Tours factory in France where master tinsmiths pass their knowledge and skills down from one generation to the next. Additionally, Tellier offers a wide variety of high-quality silicone mold, decorating tools, and bakery accessories.

Louis Tellier products promote the great heritage of French style cuisine. Their factories mix traditional know-how with a passion for innovation. Chefs in over 90 countries use their products to prepare beautiful hand-crafted culinary creations for their discerning customers. Contact a Kitchen Spot dealer near you for more information about Louis Tellier products.