Lang Commercial Cooking Equipment

Known for being an innovator in the commercial foodservice equipment space, Lang provides solutions for multi-unit operators, institutions, and restaurants alike. From ENERGY STAR® qualified convection ovens, to the first “weight of the plate” cheesemelter, Lang products are made in Smithville, TN with care. Their commercial equipment boasts a lifetime warranty on oven doors, and a three-year parts and labor warranty on their Chef Series models. With competitive warranties, high-quality commercial builds, and a wide variety of products, Lang is a great partner for any restaurateur.

If you’re looking for convection ovens that are ENERGY STAR® approved, consider the Chef Series electric ovens. These ovens are designed to last, and provide even bakes, improving baking performance for end users. With their hydro-assist feature, you can add steam in your baking process. This helps add a crispy finish on your product, especially proteins. With the auto-reverse fan feature, you will not have to rotate your pans while baking. Lang truly is an innovator in the baking space!

Another innovative product category that Lang is known for is their line of commercial cheesemelters. Their popular electric models come with a one year parts and labor warranty, and are available in 24 inch, 36 inch, and 48 inch models. These units quickly provide a well-rounded, universal heat, meaning more output on your meals. High volume food service operators love these heavy-duty units. If you’re looking for a griddle that cuts cook time in half, consider a contact clamshell griddle by Lang. These units provide power and heat from both sides, meaning no burger or chicken flipping! You’ll find one of these very useful in your multi-unit foodservice operation.

When it comes to commercial cooking, Lang has the solution you’re looking for. The Kitchen Spot connects you with restaurant supply stores and design experts to help outfit your restaurant with the right commercial cooking appliances.