With roots dating back to 1818, Dexter-Russell, Inc. reflects the merger of the two most respected names in cutlery, Henry Harrington (founder of the Dexter trade name) and New Englander John Russell. Featuring a broad range of quality cutlery products including knives, spatulas, spreaders, turners and much more, Dexter-Russell produces one of the most comprehensive line of professional cutlery made by any single manufacturer in the industry – and they are all made in the U.S.A.

Dexter-Russell has long been known as the maker of high quality, long-lasting knives; this is due in part to its DEXSTEEL™ a proprietary high-carbon, high-alloy stainless steel that is specially designed for professional quality knives. With DEXSTEEL™ your knife will not only be sharper, but it will hold its edge longer too. Less sharpening means a longer life for your knife. Every Dexter-Russell blade is created through laser cutting and treated with controlled heating and cooling to create a small, tight grain structure to produce a knife that is strong and wear-resistant. The care of Dexter-Russell’s precision edge grinding also creates specific flex points to ensure just the right amount of flexibility.

Dexter-Russell knows that choosing a knife is a personal decision, with comfort playing a key role alongside reliability. That is why the company offers more than ten different lines of cutlery comprising a variety of blade shapes, and handle materials and contours so that you can find the perfect fit for you. From the warmth of natural wood, to durable easy-to-clean polypropylene handles, the grip of your knife is in many ways, just as important or even more important than the blade itself. And since many of Dexter-Russell’s knives are NSF certified, you won’t have to worry about compliance with local regulations.