Salvajor Waste Solutions

Dealing with commercial food waste can be a hassle without the right equipment. The Salvajor company is a leader in developing and manufacturing commercial waste equipment and dish scraping solutions for foodservice businesses. The company was established in the early 1940’s and since then, they have held firmly to their goal of providing high-performing waste handling systems. In their seventy years of innovation, Salvajor has been proven to lead. They were the first company to introduce a food waste scrapping system to the industry and their products are now used in many of the nation’s leading restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools, and other foodservice operations.

Their product lineup includes food disposers, disposer based scrapping systems and food waste collector systems. All of their items are engineered to use minimal water and electricity. They are also designed to be low maintenance solutions for sanitary waste disposal. You can customize your disposer package with Salvajor’s “Build Your Disposer” package. This unique option allows you to choose exactly which parts and products you want included in your food disposer installation.

You can also leverage Salvajor’s “Water Saving Package” to maximize water usage efficiency in your foodservice operation. This package features Salvajor’s patented operator sensor, which detects when an operator is not present. If the operator is away, the system will reduce water flow by 80% and turn off if the operator does not return to the work area soon enough.

Salvajor offers corrosion resistant disposer controls that have a range of functionality. Manual Start Stop options offer a simple interface for basic usage. Manual reversing start stop models offer similar functionality, with the addition of reversing operation. If you need an automatic model, Salvajor has multiple options.

Salvajor is ready to provide the food waste garbage disposal system for your busy operation. The Kitchen Spot connects you with local restaurant supply stores and design experts to outfit your restaurant with the right commercial garbage disposal system for you.