For over 100 years, Sterno has been providing heating solutions for the food service industry. This iconic American company got started making chafing dishes but quickly branched out into portable heating solutions. Sterno prides itself as being the first canned heating solution and first portable candle lamp in America.

Sterno candles are the ideal solution for any buffet line, catered event, picnic, or banquet hall to keep food warm while serving. Fuel times range from 45 minutes to 6 hours for chasing fuels and 5 to 15 hours with candle lamps. Add ambiance to your tables at weddings, parties, and restaurants with Sterno’s range of canned heating products.

While “Sterno” has become synonymous with quality canned heat, their offerings also include other accessories like chafer stands and parts, candelabras, candle holders, insulated food carriers, and even specialty candles that will add a special touch to any cake.

The heritage of reliability and innovation that Sterno has established over its 100+ year history continues to this day as they lead the segment in educating end-users and distributor partners in safety, environmental responsibility, correct usage.