When a piece of equipment breaks in your commercial kitchen, The Kitchen Spot can connect you with experts that will help you remedy the issue with minimal stress. AllPoints is a replacement parts provider for service technicians offering top-of-the-line replacement parts for their commercial kitchen equipment. They manufacture top-qualified non-OEM replacement parts, said to match OEM replacements.

When your commercial kitchen equipment fails, you typically need to purchase replacement restaurant parts that can be installed to fix the problem. During this process, you’ll choose between purchasing parts from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or using non-OEM parts. AllPoints develops many non-OEM replacement part solutions that are of equal quality to the OEM parts, as well as many preventative maintenance parts like drain socks and covers, refrigerators gaskets, and more.

It may seem like OEM parts are the best choice, but this is not necessarily true. The price of an OEM replacement part is often inflated due to the additional overhead of maintaining specific branding, while generic, non-OEM parts cut that cost out entirely. This makes non-OEM parts more affordable and easier to source, positioning them as a great option for companies that wish to minimize repair costs. The exception to this rule is in cases where the dysfunctional commercial kitchen equipment is still under warranty; if your equipment is still under warranty it may make more sense to pursue OEM parts.

If you need restaurant replacement parts, The Kitchen Spot connects you with local restaurant supply experts that partner with AllPoints. With AllPoints as a partner, our dealer partners have access to a massive network of distribution centers, meaning that the parts you need are right around the corner. Connect with a dealer today for replacement parts when your equipment breaks, DIY parts for easy fixes, or tools to help with preventive maintenance on your equipment.