Howard-McCray is a leading manufacturer of commercial refrigeration solutions. This company has more than 131 years of experience in the foodservice industry, so you can trust that they make high quality products. Howard-McCray was responsible for creating the first ever cold storage room back in 1882 as a solution to waste from food spoilage. These days Howard-McCray has a reputation for manufacturing great products that are built to last.

Howard-McCray specialize in display units that can be used to showcase your food products. A display unit can help increase sales by attracting your ideal customers. Display cases come in many sizes and forms, such as deli cases or bakery cases. Deli cases can be used to show off your meats, poultry and cheeses. The refrigeration in these units keeps your food fresh and cool. Deli cases are popular options for supermarkets, similarly to dairy refrigerated displays. The Ovation Dairy Open Merchandiser is a refrigeration unit with an open front and three rows of lit and adjustable shelves. It’s perfect for lining up beverages for your customers to select from.

There are also Grab-N-Go display cases available in Howard-McCray’s product lineup. Grab-N-Go cases are simple. You just place products in them and let your customer take whatever they please – adding dollars to your bottom line. This saves you or one of your employees the effort of retrieving food items for the customers. The Ovation Series Grab-N-Go endless design has removable step shelves and removable ends that allow you to place as many as you like next to each other.

Island cases can be placed at an intersection in your supermarket to offer customers the option to walk around them and select whichever items they please. These large, open display cases have electric control systems that allow you to regulate the temperature of each of its 3 shelves.

Howard-McCray may specialize in refrigeration, but they also have hot food display cases available. Their CHS40E, Hot Food Service case has individual heated wells and can be operated either wet or dry.

If you need display cases, Howard-McCray is likely your best option. The Kitchen Spot will connect you with a foodservice supply expert that can help you acquire the foodservice displays you need for your business.