Ali Group is one of the world’s largest industrial distribution and supply corporations. Moffat is an Ali Group company that specializes in the production and distribution of convection ovens and proofer holding cabinets. Moffat has been serving North American customers since the mid 1980s.

Convotherm is one of Moffat’s most popular product lines. The Convotherm 4 is a unique kitchen range that will help streamline production in your busy commercial kitchen. It has two options for design, the easyTouch and easyDial. The easyDial model operates with a dial that allows you to control the temperature and other features of the oven. With the easyTouch option, a touchscreen allows you to control your oven more easily. This model also has the disappearing door, which can be slid down the side of the oven to create more space in your kitchen. Moffat offers advanced sanitation solutions with their convotherm combi ovens, ensuring food safety in your cooking processes.

The Convotherm mini range minimizes space consumption while maintaining maximum performance. The mini range is only 51.5cm wide, allowing you to install it in even the tightest spaces of your kitchen. Moffat also has mobile models that offer built-in water and wastewater drawers.

The Cobra line is another unique range of products featured in Moffat’s product portfolio. Cobra offers powerful cooking appliances that have versatile capabilities. The Cobra cooktops are available in 600mm and 900mm styles and they have renowned performance. The burners are 22MJ rated and can be fitted with a griddle if needed. Cobra Gas Range Ovens have a high capacity, and can be used to cook large volumes of food. The Cobra product portfolio even includes gas barbecues, gas fryers, griddle toasters, and salamander broiler.

Moffat has cooking solutions to fit your every need. Transform your kitchen with Moffat products; let The Kitchen Spot connect you with an expert today to help you obtain Moffat products for your commercial kitchen.