Moyer Diebel

Moyer Diebel is a leading manufacturer and distributor of commercial glass washing and dishwashing machines. The machines feature unique designs that have allowed them to claim a top spot in the industry. Moyer Diebel machines can be trusted to leave your dishes sparkling clean and their diverse selection of machines are sure to fit your establishment’s needs. With more than seventy years of experience, they have learned many lessons which they leverage to continually innovate in the industry.

Moyer Diebel offers a diverse selection of washers, including door type, conveyor, undercounter, and glass washers. They have two lines for glass washing, DF and SW400/600. The DF line features fully automatic rotary glass washing machines that have upper and lower wash arms to ensure a complete and consistent clean every time. It has three built-in dispensing pumps, an electric water tank heater and a polypropylene conveyor that keeps your glasses moving without manual labor. The SW400/600 line is a pass-through glass washing machine that utilizes an injector system to separate the sanitizer and rinse-aid functions. It comes with many of the same additional features as the DF machines, but also has two splash curtains and precisely calibrated pumps.

The rack conveyor dishwashing machines at Moyer Diebel come in two styles as well, the MD44 and MD66. The MD44 is a high-temperature rack conveyor with a variety of useful features. It can be reversed to change direction if needed and can process up to 219 racks per hour, while using only 130 gallons per hour (.59 gallons per rack). The MD66 has similar specifications, but also features a seamless 22” prewash that uses a 1 horsepower pump.

If you are in the market for a door type dishwashing machine, there are four models of Moyer Diebel’s MD line for you to choose from. There is a ventless high temperature model, a tall hood type model, a standard high temperature washing and a standard low temperature washer.

Moyer Diebel has every type of dishwashing machine in their catalog, so you can depend on them to supply you with an adequate dishwashing solution. The Kitchen Spot will connect you with a foodservice supply and design expert that will help you claim Moyer Diebel commercial equipment.