Vertex China

Vertex China

A vertex is defined as the highest point and, for over 30 years, Vertex China has strived to be the pinnacle of dinnerware manufacturers. As a group that eats, breathes, and sleeps dinnerware, our goal is to complement your love of food and beverage with the highest level of service, selection, and quality.

With a focus on dinnerware, we provide the widest range of body compositions. Not only do we offer the classic hi-alumina, bright white porcelain, and American white body colors, we also have our unique magnesium reinforced porcelain and black porcelain. With all of our different offerings, each customer can create the dynamic tabletop they’re striving for.

Our four different collections of dinnerware provide something for everyone. For those looking for the newest and highest end products in dinnerware, our Premium Collection is a great place to start.

Our Universal Collection consists of 11 different patterns in the same bright white porcelain body allowing the customer to mix and match all different shapes to create the perfect tabletop. To achieve a more classic look, our American Classics provides the timeless patterns like our Del Mar Green banded or California Scalloped Edge patterns. And finally, we provide a Better Values category for those looking for a classic American white dinnerware at an affordable price.

Vertex China has offices and our largest domestic warehouse in Pomona, CA. A second warehouse is located in Edison, NJ ensuring that we can service any customer in the nation in a timely manner.