Commercial cooking is made much easier when you have Equipex products in your kitchen. Equipex is a leading manufacturer and distributor of top rated commercial cooking products. They have been serving clients in the foodservice industry since 1996 and have a great track record of producing the highest quality products at great value. Their strategy hinges on a personalized approach, leaving customers highly satisfied with their commercial equipment. This feeds into their mission, which is simple, “provide solutions to foodservice challenges in the marketplace”.

Equipex products are designed using observations of current trends in cooking, holding and food display. If proper ventilation is an issue in your foodservice facility, Equipex can supply you with one of their convenient and easy to install ventless hoods. These hoods can be installed anywhere that has a power source and they are great for removing greasy air, odors, heat and moisture. Improve your foodservice environment with an Equipex ventless hood.

Equipex also has a variety of useful cooking appliances, such as panini grills and griddles. Their Vitro Speed Panini Grill is great for fast and convenient cooking. It uses both radiant and contact heat to quickly cook food. The Vitro Speed line is also visually appealing, making it perfect for out-front display cooking.

If you are in the market for a new commercial oven, Equipex has ovens in many styles and specifications. They have convection ovens in both compact, half, and full sizes. The compact ovens are professional options for use in smaller spaces, such as cafes or kiosks. These compact units are also easy to transport, making them perfect for catering businesses. If you have higher volume cooking needs, consider the half or full-sized convection ovens. The half and full-sized options are available in both 208 and 240 volt models, as well as a standard 120-volt version.

Pizza ovens, waffle makers, toasters, and other specialty ovens or heating appliances are all available at Equipex. Let The Kitchen Spot connect you with someone who will help you obtain the Equipex products your business needs.