Kolpak is committed to providing busy commercial foodservice operations with reliable equipment that they can depend on. Manufacturing an extensive line of coolers and freezers, refrigeration systems, controllers and accessories, Kolpak is the cold standard for refrigeration in many commercial kitchens.

It starts with Kolpak’s innovative refrigeration design that leverages more condenser surface paired with less clutter inside, maximizing airflow across the condenser across the same sized-footprint. Increase condensing capacity means a more efficient system that can continue operate even in extreme temperature variance. You’ll also find that Kolpak’s refrigeration system continues to perform when temperatures reach 120°, as opposed to the competitor’s system break down or “kick out” at 105°. The innovation lies in its simplicity, where capillary tubes have been replaced by high-accuracy pressure switches and brazed joints replace mechanical fittings to further its efficiency and minimize the risk of leakage. Available for most walk-in cooler and freezer applications, this innovative refrigeration condensing unit comes standard on new Kolpak walk-ins and can even be upgraded on your existing refrigeration system.

Long-lasting durability is key when shopping for walk-in refrigeration, and Kolpak’s Polar-Pak coolers and freezers do not disappoint. Featuring modular panels of 4” 100% foamed-in-place, non-CFC urethane foam, you’ll get superior insulation with the same quality, flexibility and durability you’ve come to expect from Kolpak. And since Polar-Pak is designed to offer superior air circulation around the coils, it is both economical and efficient to run.

For the ultimate in connectivity and control covering your cooling efficiency, look to Kolpak’s ArcticFox. This remote monitoring via WIFI notifies you in the case of an emergency and will also maximize your performance range even on the hottest of days. ArcticFox also features the Tru-Demnd™ Defrost Controller, which helps you avoid up to 93% of standard system defrost cycles to help provide a safer environment for your product and increase the product’s shelf life.