Marsal Pizza Ovens

Marsal Pizza Ovens is an American brand that has been renowned for their commercial pizza ovens for over forty years! Back in 1969, Marsal began as a small shop in New York City, today this historic brand is a leader in the commercial pizza oven industry. In their early days, they were known for manufacturing custom-made stainless-steel restaurant equipment and they actually specialized in producing food preparation equipment that was primarily used by Chinese restaurants. This means their primary product lines at the time were items like wok stoves and ovens.

In the late 1980s, Marsal transitioned to making custom commercial equipment for the pizza industry. Their eye for innovation was able to shine through in this industry as they put their unique engineering skills to work. In 1990, they built the first modular revolving deck oven, which cut down the usual time it took to assemble an oven from days to just a few hours. Their MB Series Oven was created in 1995, allowing pizza makers to capitalize on the economical nature of gas ovens while enjoying the efficiency of brick oven stoves.

In 1999, Marsal released their SD series of ovens. This line of commercial ovens were some of the first that were designed without using a brick-lined baking chamber, but maintaining an ideal internal temperature. As the turn of the century came about, Marsal pizza ovens began its growth into a nationwide supplier of high quality commercial ovens. By 2009, they developed the EDO series of electric deck ovens. These innovative ovens use the top element feature to evenly distribute heat.

In 2012, The Wave Flame oven hit the market. This oven is unique, because it is capable of reaching temperatures greater than 900 degrees, allowing pizza makers to create Neapolitan style pizzas without the traditionally required equipment. The brick ceiling is also shaped in a way that causes heat to flow in a wave pattern throughout the oven, offering a unique finish to pizzas cooked using the oven. The Kitchen Spot connects you with restaurant and supply store experts who can help you find a new Marsal pizza oven for your foodservice operation.