Bar Maid Bar Supplies

The Kitchen Spot will connect you with knowledgeable experts who can help you find the bar supplies you need, fast. Bar Maid Corporation started as a leading manufacturer of portable and manual glass washers, with their first best-selling product, the five brush Electric Glass Washing Machine. This product was nicknamed the “World’s Most Efficient Glass Washer” in 1961, and rightfully so, as it was unparalleled in both quality and innovation. This helped Bar Maid cement their position as one of the top bar supply brands in the U.S.

Since then, Bar Maid has developed more than two hundred unique and economical products that are regularly used by bars, restaurants, hotels, convention facilities and event catering services. Their five brush Electric Glass Washing Machine has also continued to evolve over the years, with new brush styles being released to accommodate virtually any size or shape of glass. They also offer specialized brushes, such as brushes with softer bristles for use with plastic glassware.

For more than fifty years, Bar Maid has done well to maintain their foothold as a leading company in the bar supply industry. Bar Maid didn’t stop with hardware; they have continually met the demands of their customers by designing unique and innovative product lines and for decades they have been offering far more than just glass washing products. In 2011, they unveiled their “Best in the Bar” line. This all-in-one line of bar necessities features a range of different products that bar owners love, including measure pourers, shot glasses, bomb cups, mats, caddy organizers, and more.

Bar Maid products are rigorously tested to ensure that they will improve your bar’s efficiency, without risking user safety. This protects you from potential risks and liability. The Kitchen Spot will put you in touch with restaurant supply experts who will help you acquire Bar Maid Bar Supplies that make the day-to-day tasks involved with operating a bar far more manageable and efficient.