Toastmaster for Foodservice Operators

Since 1921, Toastmaster has provided a wide variety of commercial cooking appliances for the restaurant space. With equipment including toasters, convection ovens, proofers, drawer warmers, and more reliable countertop cooking equipment, they have the solution you need. With their partnership with Star Manufacturing, Toastmaster’s robust line of tools is very impressive for multi-unit and single-unit restaurants alike.

Let’s talk about what Toastmaster was known for – toast! They have an extensive line of pop-up toasters. With popular models being the TP409, HT424, and BTW09, these units are equipped to perfect an even toast on brads, bagels and buns. They’re manufactured with insulated ceramic etched foil heaters, ensuring an even heat. With models that offer two to four slots, these units have your light-duty toast needs covered.

Toastmaster also offers innovative built-in drawer warmers, and free-standing drawer warmers for foodservice operators. With eleven available built-in drawer warmer models, they have the size and capacity you need for your space. They’re equipped with a deep drawn stainless-steel pan, and twenty bearings per drawer. Each individual drawer features moist-crisp control, keeping food items like tortilla chips fresh all day. Their free-standing drawer warmers are available in six models, and offer all the same heavy-duty components as their built-in warmer companions.

Toastmaster is also known for their electric and gas griddles, electric and gas hot plates, radiant and lava rock gas charbroilers, countertop convection ovens, and even heater proofers. The XO-1N countertop convection oven is a staple for any convenience store, restaurant, or even institution. These high-end units offer perfect bakes on foods like cookies, muffins, breads, and meats, without taking up much countertop space. They’re able to hold four half-size sheet pans, and come in 120-volt single phase.

When searching for commercial cooking equipment, consider Toastmaster for your countertop needs. Get connected with a local restaurant supply expert in your area today.