Lakeside Foodservice

Lakeside Foodservice is a spectacular brand that leads the foodservice industry in the manufacturing and distribution of stainless steel and plastic utility carts. Their carts are top quality and easy to use, allowing foodservice providers to optimize material handling in their facility. Their mission is to overcome complex challenges and provide strategic value in their industry.

Lakeside Foodservice has been providing personalized solutions for more than seventy years. Their product selection includes commercial transport equipment, heaters, coolers, servers, dispensers, and displays. Each of these products is engineered with the customer in mind, ensuring total customer satisfaction.

With a large lineup of transportation equipment, Lakeside has you covered. They have a number of different utility carts, allowing you to choose those that best suit your needs. Some options include front of the house utility carts, ergonomically designed carts, carts with guard rails, and carts with multiple shelves. They also offer platform trucks designed to help move heavier materials. Their power platform truck makes this even easier by electrically propelling the truck.

Lakeside also offers a range of different storage solutions, both mobile and stationary. If you need to store multiple food products in one place, their sheet pan racks can be used to hold multiple levels of pans. If you need a solution for storing dishes, they offer soiled dish breakdown carts. When transporting large quantities of food at once, a rack may not be suitable. In these cases, consider one of their commercial transport and delivery cabinets.

Action stations are islands that are equipped with any number of different utilities. Cooking stations come equipped with heating surfaces, while bussing stations are ready for use with your sinks. Condiment stations come with several condiment pumps that can be placed near customers for easy access.

Mobile merchandisers are a versatile way to make your various foodservice stations more mobile. Instead of a stationary cooking station, use a mobile one that is equipped with wheels. There are models of every action station available in a more portable style.

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