CMA Dishmachines

Founded in the early 1970’s, CMA Dishmachines pioneered innovative concepts in full service “Low Energy” Glass and Warewashing equipment. CMA produces a diverse selection of dishwashing equipment at their factory located in Garden Grove California, including: high-temperature and low-temperature chemical sanitizing dishmachines, glasswashers and warewashing equipment. Focusing on reliable equipment backed by highly innovative designs and engineering, with CMA Dishmachines you are assured excellent results and years of trouble-free operation.

The CMA difference is really found “beneath the hood” of the equipment. Unlike their competitors, CMA Dishmachines leverages electro-mechanical controls that mean there is less opportunity for water damage to occur. These controls also enable operators to purchase replacement parts more easily than pricey electronic counterparts. The company also prides itself on manufacturing the equipment in the United States with stainless steel interiors and parts (instead of nylon). And since many of the dishwashers made by CMA Dishmachines are ENERGY STAR® approved, you’ll drastically reduce the amount of water required to run each cycle. In fact, many models utilize just a little over a gallon of water for each use because the machine utilizes rinse water from one cycle as the wash water for another.

Before choosing between a high temperature or a low temperature commercial dishwasher, first consider your own unique needs. Per its namesake, high temperature dishwashers leverage a high heat (around 180° Fahrenheit to meet NSF regulations) to sanitize dishes. These dishwashers require more energy to heat water than their low temperature counterparts, which rely on chemical agents to safely sanitize dishes and glassware. Keep in mind where energy savings may occur with low temperature dishwashers, you’ll have the reoccurring expense of chemicals each month. Finally, most high temperature dishwashers require a vent or condensate hood. No hood? No problem. With CMA Dishmachine’s ventless technology, those with limited space in their kitchen can have a high temperature commercial dishwasher.